I sit here late at night watching my young son sleep, peacefully finally, and marvel at what a rewarding and exhausting job it is being a parent. He is on the better side of strep throat (if there is one), and it’s been a tumultuous few days for us both. I have had strep myself, so I know how excruciatingly painful it is but we still get frustrated when they are crying in pain and you are pleading… No begging them to swallow the pain reliever! Meanwhile , they are looking at you like you just grew three heads, and you just want to make all their pain and suffering go away. How many of you, show of hands, would gladly transfer their pain onto yourself? Probably most of you…so if you are lucky enough to share this amazing bond with the one’s who look up to us and call us mom or dad then all is right in the world… For me anyway. Well that is my warm fuzzy for the day, talk you soon!

“Motherhood is when eating chicken soup; the kids get the chicken and you get the soup and you would still feel happily stuffed.”
― Sandra Chami Kassis